Top 5 Best Portable Blenders Ranked 2023

Updated: August 17, 2023

As a gym rat and all-around hiker, portable blenders have helped to whip up smoothies and purees when I want. You don’t even have to be a gym rat like me, but if you love healthy drinks, I bet you can relate to how big most blenders can seem.

After reading the reviews and comments on the benefits of owning a portable blender, I decided to get one. I love smoothies, and I sure needed a machine to whip one up in minutes. It appeared like personal blenders were the answers to my prayers. 

To help you determine which personal blenders are actually worth buying, I put 12 of the most promising models through a series of tests and evaluated their performance. In addition to assessing their ability to blend fibrous greens and crush ice, I also rated each one’s design, convenience, and ease of use and cleaning. Read on to see which models met or exceeded my expectations and which ones fell short.

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Why KoreClubCrush Is the #1 Pick ?

After reading and hearing of the benefits of owning a personal blender, I decided it was high time I got one for myself. Even though I could use my regular blender to make my beloved smoothies, I couldn’t take it everywhere with me. Personal blenders were the perfect option because they’re lightweight, portable, and quickly get the job done. 

Although some portable blenders during my search performed above average, there was no matching the efficiency of the KoreClubCrush. It is sleek, elegant, powerful, and does exactly as advertised. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best personal blender anyone can own, and here are my reasons.

Innovative Design


Quality aside, KoreClubCrush portable blender has an amazing exterior design. If you’re a fan of simplistic designs, you’d love their aesthetic and carefully selected colors. They are great for those who do not like bright colors, and it also comes with measuring marks to help you measure the amount of smoothie you’d like. 

You also can’t help but notice other useful features of the KoreClubCrush, like a carry strap that makes it easy to carry your blender around. It also has a leak-proof lid that ensures that your smoothies and other juices do not leak out, no matter the movement of the blender. You can also detach the jar from the blender and use it as a cup for drinking.

Powerful Blending

Armed with 6-point stainless steel blades, the KoreClubCrush is super powerful and can slice through any fruit, vegetables, and nuts in seconds. It doesn’t just blend your fruits or vegetables in seconds; the result is very smooth, which was what most of the other blenders lacked. I noticed that while some were fast in blending, the result wasn’t always smooth. The ones that produced a smooth result took a long time to blend. The KoreClubCrush was different, and in less than 40 seconds, I had a perfectly blended smoothie ready to drink. 


One thing I love about the KoreClubCrush Personal Blender is that it is water-resistant. You can use it in the dishwasher, rinse the entire blender with water, and there’d be no damage. I find this especially useful because most times, I’m not okay with just wiping down my blender with a towel or damp cloth. I like to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and looks brand new. Besides, I love having a nice swim while drinking my favorite smoothie, so the KoreClubCrush is a great choice as you can use it anywhere, even in the pool. 


Even though the KoreClubCrush comes with durable batteries, it is rechargeable and has USB ports. Once charged, you can blend over 15 different smoothies, purees, protein shakes, or baby food before it needs recharging. I found this incredibly amazing, as I didn’t always have to charge after every use. You can charge anywhere, even in your car, as long as there’s a power supply. 

Easy Maintenance

As much as I love cleaning, it can be tiring cleaning an item every single time you use it. The KoreClubCrush stood out from the other personal blenders I purchased because it was self-cleaning. I didn’t have to waste time disassembling the parts and trying to clean them. All you had to do was add dishwashing soap and water to the blender, turn it on for a few seconds and then turn it off. Rinse thoroughly, and just like that, your blender is clean and ready for subsequent use. People who are often in a hurry would find this feature extremely useful.

Pricing, Discount, and Purchase

Perhaps the main reason I purchased the KoreClubCrush was how affordable it was. Unlike some of the other personal blenders that cost more than a hundred dollars, the KoreClubCrush blender is budget-friendly. The icing on the cake is that when you purchase from their official website, a 33% discount automatically applies. I think that’s pretty cool, and ever since I discovered the quality of the blender, I think the discount is unique, especially for people on a tight budget who still want quality items. 

All you have to do is select the number of KoreClubCrush you want, input your shipping information, select a payment method from the ones listed there, and voila! Your KoreClubCrush Personal Blender is on its way to your doorstep. Even though it is entirely unnecessary, the manufacturers of KoreClubCrush also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your delivery.  It’s worth every dollar spent.

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