Top 5 Best Fast Chargers of 2023

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Have you ever wondered why your phone takes forever to charge, despite purchasing a charger that claims to be super fast charging? The answer is simple. Power delivery in chargers is an incredibly crucial aspect that determines your charging experience. Unfortunately, I have also fallen victim to the false promises many charger brands make, claiming that their fast chargers will give me the swift charging experience I need.

I work on my mobile device almost all day, so I need to keep my phone fully charged and as quickly as possible. Sometimes, I may need to charge multiple devices simultaneously but only have one single-port charger. If you identify with this or would simply like to advance your device charger game, then real fast chargers are the way to go. 

Choosing a charger can be a challenging task, as there are so many options out there. I tested several of the best and most positively reviewed “fast chargers” on the market to save you the stress of buying and trying various chargers that may or may not do the job. Here are my top 5 fast chargers to buy in 2023.

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"The best in market"

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Why PowerSnapz is the #1 Pick?

My phone has shut down on me far too many times. Sometimes when this happens, I don’t have the luxury of time to sit around and wait for it to charge. If you have also had to go through the time-wasting and tedious experience of not being able to charge your phone quickly when you need it the most, then prepare to meet what may well be your new best friend.

The PowerSnapz does what its name says. This charger, which a group of brilliant British engineers developed, is so powerful that it can deliver up to 18W of power. This is a far cry from the measly 5W that most phone chargers offer. At 5W, a charger may fully charge your phone battery in an hour or two.

With the PowerSnapz’s super-speed technology, I could charge my heavy-duty phone and tablet in half the time it would usually take! When I tested it, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but after using it repeatedly for months, I have concluded that it’s truly the number 1 in the market. There’s no way I would keep quiet about this.

The PowerSnapz doesn’t stop at charging quickly. It offers 4 ports that allow you to charge 4 different devices simultaneously without slowing down the time for each to be filled. This is the closest we might ever get to see real magic! Here are more juicy details.

Incredible supercharge technology

The PowerSnapz uses state-of-the-art fast charging technology to quickly charge even the most heavy-duty device batteries in no time. With its 18W delivery power, this fast charger can successfully charge an utterly depleted phone battery in less than 30 minutes. 

Super safe

Word out there is that fast chargers can ruin your phone! You might have concerns about your battery with how powerful this fast charger is. I did too. But the fact is, this charger is super safe for all your devices despite the amount of power that it handles. The charger has a built-in safety system that protects the charger itself and any other connected devices. It is also made of flame-retardant material and uses a self-protective system to prevent overcharging, discharging, overheating, and other charger-related hazards.

Charge up to 4 devices at once

This fast charger has 4 USB ports for faster charging of many devices. Most of my work revolves around my phone, tablet, and other smart devices I own at the moment. A charger that can cater to them all at once is an obvious blessing. No matter what I’m charging and how many devices I’m charging, the PowerSnapz maintains the status quo by providing blazing charging speed.

Portable and sleek design

The PowerSnapz is as simple as it gets appearance-wise. The body is a boxy rectangular shape with the four USB ports aligned side by side horizontally. The idea behind this fancy, sleek design is to allow for portability, reduce the need for sockets, make charging tidier, and make it easy to carry around in your bag. 

Impressive compatibility

The chances that the PowerSnapz will be able to charge any device just as quickly is high, tested, and certified. This charger is designed to be compatible with 99% of devices out there, meaning you never have to worry if it’ll work with your phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc. 


Despite being one of the great fast chargers to grace the market, the PowerSnapz stays impressively humble with a pretty reasonable price. I was expecting this charger to cost well over $100. Instead, it costs a surprising $78. Even better, the company is running a limited time 50% discount.

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"The best in market"

2,936 Reviews

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