Top 5 Best Binoculars Under $100 - For Birds, Nature, and the Outdoors

Updated: August 28, 2023

My interest in binoculars and indeed in optics in general began whilst I was working as a safari guide (field guide) in South Africa, where as part of my job, I used bins almost every single day. The idea for this article came about from the frustration I felt whilst looking for a new pair for myself – It was really difficult to find any good information as well as unbiased and objective evaluations on the web about any of the models I was interested in.

A decent pair of binoculars can change the game for you, whether you’re just observing nature, tracking animals or hiking. As always, when I write articles about products I use, I know I’m only looking for the best.  And guess what – I found it. Before I share the juicy details of my remarkable find, here are the five best binoculars that I found on my search.

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These Hands-Free Binoculars Are Military-Grade With Crystal-Clear 300% Magnification

Do you hate lugging around your outdated binoculars as much as I do?

They’re awkward to carry, and they’re way too heavy! I usually carry mine around my neck with a strap but after hours of hiking, I’m sore, tired, and cranky!

Binoculars don’t come cheap, either! Unless you spend hundreds of dollars (or more!), you get crap quality!

That’s why I was totally floored by Total View.

People everywhere are losing their minds over these NEW hands-free binoculars. And after using them I can see why.
They’re a game-changer for enjoying the outdoors, and if you spend any of your time in nature you’re going to want to check these out.

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